Planting the seeds for social, cultural and systemic change.

Cultural Values Workshops
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We've now completed the first and second stages of our sense-making workshops!

And now it's time for Stage Three.

These will be an appreciative space, where focus is placed on action planning.We'll also be looking at how positive values become the norm, and exploring what we can do to collectively innovate into the future. 

Workshops will take place on the 5th, 6th and 8th of July.

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York MCN involves various projects, organisations and people collaborating to create change and improve the lives of those experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage in and around the city.

Those facing disadvantage in this way have been pushed to the extreme margins of society.


They may come up against several complex and interlinked problems at the same time, such as mental ill health, homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse and offending.

Our vision


We aim to explore together, creating positive outcomes and a healthier culture for absolutely everyone.


At the moment, many systems in which our world operates sustain and prolong disadvantage. We are therefore challenging the status quo. We celebrate innovative ideas and are inspired by radical shifts in thinking and ways of working.

How does it work?

An open Network of individuals from all walks of life regularly come together to progress collective work in a safe space.


Everyone’s invited to join and have their voice heard.

These meetings are a place to start the conversation about how to do things differently.

People are complex.

The issues are complex.

Systems are complex.

 Everyone’s life is different. Everyone’s strengths and needs are different.  

Issues (e.g. homelessness and mental healthcare) are tangled and interdependent. 

There's a range of people and organisations involved in creating outcomes, with multiple factors effecting relationships and decision-making.

If we want people to thrive, we must learn to embrace complexity.

Embracing it demands a different way of working that recognises that a single organisation, intervention or person can’t do this alone.

It requires all of us – people who use services, friends, families, residents, community organisations, statutory, public, voluntary and private sectors.