York MCN Network is a local collaborative of people and organisations across York working together to radically improve lives .

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Systems Changers Programme 2021

Applications to Systems Changers 2021 are now open! 

The Network is a place to start the conversation about how to do things differently. We are made up of people from all walks of life, coming together to create social and cultural change.

We seek to improve the lives of those experiencing multiple complex needs 

by changing the systems which sustains and prolongs the disadvantage they face.

Why are we doing this?

We want to create the conditions that will enable people in York to imagine what a healthy system for people experiencing multiple difficulties might look like and to create the groundwork for it's emergence.

Our current way of doing things doesn’t work for people who face multiple and complex needs.

People are complex.

 Everyone’s life is different. Everyone’s strengths and needs are different.  

The issues are complex.

Issues (e.g. homelessness and mental healthcare) are tangled and interdependent. 

Systems are complex.

There's a range of people and organisations involved in creating outcomes, with multiple factors effecting relationships and decision-making.


If we want people to thrive, we must learn to embrace complexity.

Embracing it demands a different way of working that recognises that a single organisation, intervention or person can’t do this alone.

  It requires all of us – people who use services, friends, families, residents, community organisations, the local authority, public and private sectors.

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