2020:  a roundup

The York MCN Network has definitely come up against plenty of unforeseen challenges; but we have learnt to pivot and adapt, and continue to work through them, learning as we go!

So, what’s happened in York this Quarter?

For starters, we’ve taken on a new cohort of Systems Changers, who’ve been attending weekly workshops in order to open their minds and hearts, and begin their journey in to viewing the world around them differently. We’ve had an absolutely amazing group of people involved this year.

Secondly, we’ve successfully run a new fund in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The #BuildBackBetter Fund sought to bring participants in to the process of collaborative reflection, which included asking those who applied to approach it in an informal way.  A collaborative panel has also been set up to bring together active participants in decision-making, learning and reflecting on the fund, firmly establishing it as open and cooperative. 

The York MCN Cultural Values Survey was open for the whole of August, and we had over 100 responses. From this, we’ve been able to pull together a number of enlightening statistics that will inform our progression in 2021. A long-awaited Children and Young People’s inquiry around MCN in York has now been kicked off with gusto by the lovely Ali Spaul. The inquiry (and what it will entail) is beginning to take form, with a clearer vision of its future being brought in to focus. This includes ideas around how discussions will be facilitated and how learning will be fed back to the wider system. 

Ali is the newest member of the Enabling Team, and will also be supporting with the development of the MCN Network’s Local Fund, which we will share more on next year.

Sometimes the work we do feels a little intangible, as though many of the changes taking place are happening just beneath the surface. However, if we grab our trowels and dig down, we can see that those seeds of change we’ve all been planting have already taken root. Those roots are even beginning to intertwine. 
With this in mind, we are ending this year with a comforting thought…        
eventually there will be flowers.  

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