Children and Young People Inquiry

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What’s involved?

During our Children and Young People Inquiry, work streams and priorities will emerge and representatives will share drive, ownership and accountability. 

There will be:

  • Regular convening sessions, including training

  • Use of prototyping ideas/approaches

  • Facilitation, capture and sharing of the process through creative methods, such as talking circles, restorative practice, blogs, podcasts, illustration, doodling, design, audio etc.

  • Self-directed work

We will initially show up to get to know ourselves and each other, thus what each individual bring to potential collaborative impact.  Practical steps are considered but are not set in stone. There will be a positive, meaningful and open process that understands the experiences, feelings and needs of children and young people now, and will focus on future system level change.



Representatives will  be inquiring, open to new ideas, solution focused and self-motivated.  They will be committed to shared learning, to collaboration and to nurturing an equitable and inclusive environment; supporting each other and wider system.  Representatives are person centered and have strong empathy skills. 

They will:

  1. live and/or work in York,

  2. have skills and knowledge relating to children and young people,

  3. commit (flexibly) to approximately three days per month


How can we change the systems that perpetuate multiple disadvantage for Children and Young People in York?

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