January 2021

This sub-group has met 9 times since Feb 2020

Membership has grown steadily and they have a really good mix of commissioners, providers, and other interested parties.

They recently commissioned a Healthwatch survey of the MEAM client group (with support of MEAM team) which gleaned 17 responses and reported in Sep 2020.

The MEAM survey provided some clear messages and themes from people with lived experience that chimed with 4 other recent pieces of engagement research.

Key messages have been grouped under 3 headings

Accessibility – access to housing; mental health services and support.
Type of support needed and valued – the importance of 1:1 support and a positive relationship with support and keyworkers, the value of peer support; the need for one shared plan with good communication between all services.
Staff attitude and organisational cultures –feeling judged, labelled, and stigmatised (self-confidence and self-worth), building on people’s strengths and aspirations.

They've also recently co-ordinated an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EoI) for the City of York to participate in the national ‘Changing Futures’ programme. This is a cross-government system changes and learning programme aimed at ‘changing systems to support adults experiencing multiple disadvantage’.

The EoI prioritised 6 of the issues flagged by people with lived experience in the research above. There are half a dozen proposals from group members for experimenting with pilots that we would like to learn from and inform future commissioning.