May 2021

Our current discussions/work-streams all link back to the key messages that emerged from recent local research involving people with lived experience (PWLW) - e.g. Healthwatch York survey of 17 MEAM clients.

- Data and definitions
Sub-group to look at Changing Futures definition and agree parameters for a ‘snapshot’ in time exercise across the system; and possibly facilitate a Deep Democracy session around definition
- Strengths-based approaches
Sub-group exploring the use of LKC ££ to fund (a) a 12 month post to pull together work from across whole system on strengths/asset based approaches and working, and (b) a training opportunity for the Co-Commissioning Group on strengths-based commissioning (5 x 1 day-long modules, tentatively thinking Sep 2021)
- Staff wellbeing/supervision structures across the system
Sub-group mapping ‘as is’ arrangements for supervision/clinical supervision across the system and defining what we would aspire to arrangements being across the system – so that we can explore how we might achieve this (who/how – Funding? Commissioning?)
- Linking into cultural values sense making workshops
So many of key messages from PWLE related to staff attitudes and organisation cultures, we’re encouraging Co-commissioning Group members to participate in cultural values sense making workshops and will reflect on key themes emerging
- Table of commissioned services/support and updates on developments
Aiming to be more open and transparent about commissioned services/support, e.g. where current contracts run up to, what developments are happening, and what opportunities are coming up
Developments – e.g. Specialist MH Housing & Support; recent MH Summit and related action plan; Linking in with Uni of York/YSJU around research and evaluation of system change work
- Moving to 6 weekly meetings
Next meeting Wed 16th Jun, 2:00-3:30pm