Our goal is to relieve isolation, improve wellbeing and engage those with direct experience in an imaginative, meaningful and collaborative way.


- What is Creative Action?

- How does it work

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Creative Action

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What is Creative Action

The Creative Action Group meets monthly and through creating community we hope to improve lives.

Our main aim is that discussions and projects become a part of an ongoing relationship - not just a one-off consultation. By engaging those with the knowledge and wisdom of direct experience, we can begin conversations which really make a difference.


How does it work?

We are inventive and creative in our thinking, finding new ways of doing things.

Our priority is to create opportunities, activities and environments in which people feel safe enough and comfortabe to share their stories and experiences. We actively work against becoming tokenistic.

See our Purpose, Mission and Vision here


We're currently running two new ventures - the Art Bank and Mail Art projects.

Art Bank

This project is based at Spark York.

The bank provides free art supplies to those across York who want to get creative and become a part of something bigger. 

The bank is open every Saturday between 10am and 12pm.

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We provide the materials and the stamps!

The process


  • Tell us you're interested

  • We will send you materials and stamps, or you can collect these from out Art Bank or our Central Mailing Hub.

  • You take the materials home and create your piece of Mail Art.

  • Post your Mail Art back to us at the Central Mailing Hub.

  • Wait for us to forward a brand new, original piece to you through the post!

Mail Art

The simplest definition of Mail Art is that it is any Art that’s created with the intention of sending it through the mail(post).

The idea behind Mail Art is to create community through the sending of art between individuals.

Mail Art is given freely, without the expectation of something in return, no judgements are made about the artwork. You get what you get - a little bit of joy! 

For more information or to get involved:
Sian Balsom