December 2020

Over the course of the York MCN Network, co-production and engagement have been increasingly discussed both at Network meetings, in working groups and across other strategic and operational activity.

These themes underpinned the discussions and direction of both the ‘Doing with’ and ‘Creative Arts’ York MCN working groups.

In August 2020 we had an open meeting to bring together conversations about co-production and engagement that were happening across these two working groups, and think about whether the groups came together to avoid duplication. The decision was made to bring together the two groups, and have one working group focused on co-production, engagement and collaboration that brings creativity into how we go about doing this in York.

The new group is called ‘Creative Action’, and early in 2021 there will be an open meeting for all who are interested to come along and think about what the Creative Action group could be, and how they might want to be involved. So keep an eye out for a meeting invite come your way soon!