March 2021

In our last meeting we tried to do a bit of mapping to understand groups and the activities that are currently taking place across York.

Then we started to talk about what we wanted to do and how we could offer something different that wasn’t already happening across the city.

We are keen not to do anything extractive and don’t want to do anything that might exploit people for our need because of what they’ve been through. Want to create a culture of exchange which isn’t based around just money or expecting things from people. From this discussion, the idea of an art bank came out.

We want it to be an iterative group, and maybe we can ask people who join us a question each month. We thought this idea could potentially lead to online portraits or an exhibition, and we could also build an art skills workshops in to this. This would mean we would hold workshops as well as just exchanging materials. There’s the potential that Spark York might become involved in this.

We know we need to be trauma informed if we are asking people to be involved.