The Enabling Team

A core team of people coordinate and enable the Network in York.


Kelly Cunningham

"Hello, I’m Kelly. My background is in contract management and service delivery. Over time I have become frustrated with different things such as the power dynamics between funders and providers, attitudes and approaches to ‘fixing’ people and the performance culture of outcomes and KPIS. The list goes on, so I feel very fortunate to have the time to explore a different narrative through this work. Outside of all this complexity I enjoy the joys of parenting, travelling around Yorkshire and beyond, often in search of cake!"


07593 730 539


Emmie Wise

"Hi, I'm Emmie. My background is in working on communications for various charities.

I love music, deep conversation with friends, and can't help but say hello to every dog I pass on the street."



Ali Spaul

"I’m Ali and I'm supporting people who live and work in York to develop a brand new  grants process. I'm also leading a children and young people’s inquiry. I love being active, getting out with friends and family and learning as much as possible along the way!"


07834 596 576

C Scott.jpg

Catherine Scott

"Hi, I'm Catherine. I have worked in the voluntary sector in York for the past few years, and was lucky enough to get involved in the MCN network early on when I was still working for Healthwatch York. I am passionate about exploring different approaches to managing complexity and finding new ways of making sense of and improving systems. I’m particularly interested in what we can learn from living systems, as well as how the more relational and intangible aspects in systems play out.

Outside of work, I love being in nature, music and dance, and enjoy supporting local business with frequent visits to our amazing independent cafes in York for coffee and cake!"


07522 229 833