Financial impacts 

The financial impacts of MCN on the public sector in York is huge.

The following estimates are based on national research in 2014.

people facing MCN in York

people across York living with Multiple Complex Needs

cost of care per individual

£30 thousand
spent per person each year

estimated cost of supporting those facing MCN in York



what we'd expect to
be spent per year

spent supporting those with MCN in York


actual spending per year.

How did we make this estimate?

  • 190 individuals currently receive discrete MCN support (AOT, Pathways or MEAM) 

  • 200+ individual are estimated through Local Coordination needs analysis, extrapolated from 3 wards to all 22 across York combined 390 tallies with Hard Edges (2014) research which estimated 300-600 for City of York.

  • Conservative estimate based on national research, including: £17,000 - £45,000 (Fulfilling Lives), £19,000 (Hard Edges 2014, stated as an underestimate), £36,696 - £43,500 (national MEAM network) and £69,000 local case study (Housing).