Filling up your toolkit

Filling up your toolkit

We recently held a workshop introducing Lewis Deep Democracy.

This is a cutting edge facilitation, decision making, conflict resolution and inclusive leadership methodology. It specifically aims on surfacing undercurrent, including all voices, for the main purpose of achieving breakthroughs in seemingly impossible-to-solve issues.

We invited Payam Yuce Isik, a Lewis Deep Democracy Trainer and Practitioner to provide an introduction to Deep Democracy, and give a little more context to some Deep Democracy practices you may have experienced, such as check-ins/check-outs.
She gave an overview of the Lewis Deep Democracy methodology: what it is, where it’s been used, and why it may be useful in the system change work we’re doing in York.

Feedback suggested that those participating felt positively about what they’d learnt, and there is appetite for further learning. We are exploring options so we can offer tailored Deep Democracy training in 2021, and will be updating you early in the New Year to let you know how you can sign up.

Next year there will be more sessions and opportunities to discover other tools relating to systems change, along with more in-depth workshops to explore how and where these can be used.

The first of these will be a two-part session on Trauma and Adversity Training. This will be facilitated by our partners from the MEAM (Making Every Adult Matter) coalition who have tailored the session for our needs. With a focus on adverse childhood experiences, exploring behaviours we often see in support work and consideration of the signs and impact of vicarious trauma often experienced by professionals.