Systems Changers Update

During the Systems Changers Programme, participants have explored power and labels, living systems, systems thinking skills and deep democracy.

This has been supplemented with reflective journaling, coaching sessions and how to undertake small scale prototyping to get experiments off the ground quickly.

They’ve also had a specific focus on how delegates can ‘find their voice’ and tell their stories far and wide. This might be via podcasts, blogs, vlogs, audio, poems, diagrams or the written word.
Delivering the programme online has not taken away any of the face to face value.

In fact, those running the course think it has enhanced the programme, giving it an informal and friendly atmosphere where everyone is appreciated for the insights they bring to the group. The second half of the programme will see delegates trying out their experiments and inviting some of the wider system into the group to share perspectives and learning.

York MCN

15 Priory Street