York Design Week 2021

York Design Week 2021

York Design Week 2021 brings together partners across the city to ‘Make Stuff Better’ together.

With an exciting programme of exhibitions, workshops, installations, creative careers advice, forums, and live
music, you are invited to join us for York Design Week 2021 - whether you’re 4 years old or in your 100’s, we
aim to offer something for everyone.

This year's festival takes place between the 20th and the 26th October 2021, and will bridge online and in real
life spaces.

The volunteer team are pleased to present York Design Week under a central theme of ‘What a Pickle!’ - a
chance to focus on systemic issues across a multitude of design disciplines. Community members across the
city are invited to host their own event, and are encouraged to submit ideas for this years festival via the York
Design Week website here: https://www.yorkdesignweek.com/hostanevent

Through a variety of events, and with our partners across the city, including the MCN Network, York Civic
Trust, York Architectural Association, York College, York St John and City of York Council, we will create
space for conversation, working to ‘Make Stuff Better’ through collaboration, re-evaluation, democratisation,
exploration and transformative action research - let’s find unexpected solutions to systemic problems through
play, conversation, and by taking a tumble into the unknown.

York Design Week is a festival founded by Kaizen Arts CIC, Dogeatcog and United by Design in 2019, who
now work inter-agency and with freelancers to deliver the festival in a volunteer capacity. Rich Corrigan,
Co-Founder of the festival said; “Each individual brings their unique perspective and creative skills to the table.
Throughout the planning and delivery of the festival, we create an equitable collaborative space to bring a
festival to our city that amplifies the unheard voices in our communities.” Owen Turner, Co-Founder of York
Design Week added; “We’re really excited to be sharing such a meaningful project with some brilliant partners
this year - who are all doing pioneering work in our city - whether that’s in housing, learning, social work, food
or social innovation.”

Co-founder Rebecca said; “We’re living in challenging times. Multiple and complex issues around mental
health and wellbeing, the housing system, the biodiversity and climate crises, poverty, inequality, racism, and
increasing uncertainty about the future can often leave us feeling powerless and fearful.” York Design Week
2021 sets out to ask: ‘what if we weren’t in such a pickle? What would that look, feel and be like, and how
would we design a way there? How can we work together to do this?