At the MCN event in November 2019 we introduced KUMU. This is a programme that allows you to demonstrate connections using a dynamic map, giving visual data.

We asked attendees at the event to complete a survey about the connections they had with other attendees, and this was fed into KUMU and produced a dynamic map. Mapping this allows us to learn and understand more about our networks, and can help us see bottlenecks where connections aren’t being made, bridges, and helps us create a story about how and why people work together. It can help us to understand where to focus energy and develop real connections both within and outside of the network.

The map developed in November 2019 was quick and has its limitations. We’ll be taking this forwards in 2021 to see how things have changed and developed since 2019, getting an up-to-date understand of the connections we have within and outside of the York MCN Network, and can use it to help us make decisions about how we develop and strengthen as a network.
See examples of how KUMU can be used here.

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