What do we mean by Multiple Complex Needs?

People facing Multiple Complex Needs (or MCN) experience a range of issues at the same time which makes life difficult.

Some examples of issues they may experience include:

Mental ill health

Housing issues

Financial problems



Substance misuse

People facing multiple complex needs may:

have problems have not been resolved

They may access numerous services or none at all.

tend to get worse rather than better

Therefore the demand on services increases.

deal with conditions that can become overwhelming

This can be true for both the individual and for services.

represent a key client group for most service agencies

They do not just seek help for one issue.

Often, we refer to Multiple Complex Needs as 'MCN'.

“I had become a problem, and so whenever I went anywhere, or whenever my name was mentioned anywhere, people would glaze over and say ...

‘Oh no, not her’”

- Sarah