Meetings That Matter Toolkit

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We've created a bank of 

resources to help you to plan and create meetings that really make a


The Meetings That Matter Toolkit will help you think through every aspect of your planning and give you inspiration for what to do within the meeting itself.

The more these tools are used, the more we can generate connections and change.

This toolkit is broken down in to two sections:

Meetings That

Matter Toolkit

Before you begin

These four tools guide you through initial decisions that need to be made about the event or meeting your holding.  


Where to start


The first step in your journey to creating a meeting that matters.

Meeting basics and invitations 


How will you hear from a variety of voices?

Structuring group conversation

Get more out of bringing people together.


Setting up on-going meetings

Plan in to the future to create a process that works.

How to hold your meeting

These four tools show examples of practices you can use in your meetings to get more out of them. 


Conversation cafe


Get people talking and share all views.


Circle practice


Ancient practice to harness a feeling of togetherness.


World cafe

Create a living network of dialogue.


Pro-action cafe


Meeting participants gain insight on their own projects.