York MCN Meeting
3rd March 2020

On the 3rd March, the MCN Network came together for a meeting.


We covered the following topics:

  • Outlining funding from Lankelly Chase

- Resources are now available for all working groups

- Proposals are needed from each working group to draw down funding

- The proposals will not be assessed in the traditional way

  • Reflecting on visits to CoLab Exeter

- It was positive and energising

- Language wasn't revolved around labels and stigma 

  • Updates from the Homeless Hub 

- Peasholme Charity have funding from Two Ridings Community Foundation to explore the homeless hub idea

  • Co-Commissioning for systems change

- Group includes Lived Experience representative and service providers

- The next steps are to understand  the whole picture – what’s being commissioned and where; what’s being spent; what works; what doesn’t work.

  • KUMU map

- In November 2019 everyone was intoduced to KUMU and systems mapping of the connections between us

- The next steps are to use this to develop a survey which we will ask you all to fill out, so we can all understand the connections we have within and outside of the York MCN network