Invitation to Systems Changers 2020

The York MCN Network has definitely come up against plenty of unforeseen challenges; but we have learnt to pivot and adapt, and continue to work through them, learning as we go!

JUN, 30, 2020

Systems Changers 2020 is relaunching as an online programme starting in September.

Systems Changers 2020 is relaunching as an online programme starting in September.

We are looking for people involved in the multiple and complex needs in York who are curious about creating a healthier system. You could be a decision maker, commissioner, manager, project worker, someone with personal experience of multiple complex needs, volunteer, community worker or be involved in the system in other ways.

All of your experiences are really important and welcomed onto the programme.

Key dates:

Deadline for applications is – 12th August

121 conversations with applicants – 2nd September

Programme to start – 21st September

Programme to end week commencing – 14th December

We will include all the elements of the previous programme by providing space and time to reflect, a place for healthy challenge and a range of tools (such as systems thinking, deep democracy and prototyping) to help you to see the system and your role within in it differently.

We made the decision to transfer the course online due to the continued uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and we didn’t want to have to cancel it again. We are really excited by how the programme now looks and the new possibilities we’ll have by offering it through Zoom.

To reimburse participants’ organisations for the time they spend on the programme, a £3,200 payment can be made direct or in kind to the wider team and organisation

To read more detailed information about the course, just click here.

If you’d like to register your interest and receive an application form, contact Paul Connery at:

York MCN

15 Priory Street



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