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Reflections on Trieste: Miles Goring

Updated: May 13, 2021


The environment:

  • Calm surrounding each place

  • Comfortable lighting

  • Open door policy – the offices not shut out

  • No uniforms (security are casual/non distinctive

  • SAFE! and inclusive

Trust and openness:

  • Come as you go attitude

  • No locks

  • Limited boundaries

  • Here to help, not to judge

  • No resentment present in our visits

  • It’s a team effort amongst staff and patients

  • Calm, soothing conversation

Stigma and labels:

There are none – simply people in need!


The same staff mean familiar faces and surroundings. People are not bounced between departments, from one building to another in a different part.

And there’s no explaining same things in over and over, which results in frustration, anger, anxiety and ‘why bother’ responses.


There’s a community spirit. People are working together alongside you. There’s no

  • hierarchy

  • noticeable stethoscopes or stripes or symbols on clothing

  • do not enter signs.

Social enterprise:

It’s people-led. People with lived experience are doing or running the laundry and kitchen – learning from their peers, which is very important.

There’s a family atmosphere. This builds self-esteem, confidence, self-belief and hope. It helps people back into society, feeling valued, contributing, and on the same pay!

That means, no:

  • re-entry level problems or requalification times. Based on level of need – you don’t start again

  • blame or shifting problems between departments and onto someone else

  • ‘not our problem’ culture

Case loads:

There’s a unit load, rather than an individual portfolio. That means the pressure is shared across each support team member.

Treatment of patients

Restraints are minimal. We didn’t witness any confrontation, shouting or panic during our visits (even in the psychiatric emergency unit).

Patients are never dismissed, but always valued!

What York needs to move towards:

  • Systems change – improving services for its community.

  • Change the culture – challenge the norm!

  • Changing the culture of our city.

York – here to support you.

York – here to raise awareness.

York – cultural city of support/help or need.

York – a city of awareness.

York – here to help our community.

York – city that cares for its people.

York – inspired by hope.

York – Community is the heart of our city. It’s what we do!

Don’t defeat a person – release a person. Investing our wealth in health. Don’t be detrimental – inspire potential.

Language suggestions:

  • Person experienced a moment of need/support

  • People in need!

  • Support team not a crisis team

  • Acute unit/acute care (less intimidating)

  • Resident of our unit (not patients)

  • Not a client/inmate-(suggests crime/punishment/authority)

  • Living with…

  • Coming to terms with…

  • Coping with…

  • Managing…

  • Working towards…

  • Had an experience of…

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