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Reflections on Trieste: Tim Madgwick

Updated: May 13, 2021

13 Thoughts

  1. A shared value set is critical. I love the fact that they refer to Trieste as a ‘City that Cares’.

  2. I was interested to listen to Roberto oppose us following the a Trieste ‘Model’ and I think I understand why….. We should have a bespoke approach for York based on the best practice we witnessed in Trieste.

  3. The link back to an individual’s human rights came over consistently and very strongly.

  4. The teams supporting those people with complex mental health challenges felt it was their responsibility to find solutions and not pass the problem on – so they took ownership & responsibility. They were also expected to be creative in problem solving which I think demonstrates one of the bigger gaps in culture and approach.

  5. There were similarities in demographics between York & Trieste which I found quite helpful because it helped me think about locations in York.

  6. The integration between agencies was excellent – I was able to explore in my meeting with police officers, they felt they shared set of principles and there was no complaints at all about the approach. They saw the majority of cases they dealt with as an opportunity to help and assist rather than in a more punitive way that we can see sometimes in the UK.

  7. I was interested in their use of personal budgets and what that really meant in terms of choice.

  8. The comments around restraint were particularly illuminating – why would you pursue a course of action that was worse for patients and staff and then create significant challenges for the long term relationship?

  9. I think the use of stories and appropriate language will be key for us and we can think how we use going forward to bring people with us.

  10. I was struck by the lack of ‘competition’ between agencies. The service was based on where the individual was at any point on their journey of treatment / recovery.

  11. They had a very pragmatic approach to sharing key information… but still respecting the rights of the individual.

  12. The desire to try and create the best environment for staff to work in and the sense of team where they tried to remove hierarchy again signs & symbols were important.

  13. Fundamental was the positive culture that pervaded everything we saw.

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