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Session Three - Who, What, How and How much?

The Deciding Together Local Fund York puts people in York in the control of £250,000 to spend on distributing grants in the city.

The fund is about fundamentally shifting things for people experiences multiple disadvantages.

The third session (of six) had 20 participants following lots of prior work, including which model of grant making we would use (A Bespoke Collaborative Decision Making Model) and developing a shared understanding around the parameters of the fund. For example, this could not fund illegal activity, or activity benefitting people outside York.

At the meeting on Wednesday 30th June 2021, the Deciding Together Local Fund York group came together to decide;

  • What and who would be funded

  • How much could be applied for

  • How would people apply

Grants to enable fundamental change

We do not believe that we hold the full understanding of ‘how do we fundamentally change things for people experiencing multiple disadvantage’. Nor do we believe that any single person or organisation does (a massive reason for doing this whole process of grant making together). This is a developing and emerging process where we all learn together.

However, we must start somewhere.

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