VALUES - What are they and why do they matter?


During 2020, [186] people completed the York Cultural Values Survey. Using the findings of the York MCN Cultural Values Survey to develop the leadership we all need to make wise decisions based on strong, positive values.

This is a series of foundation stone blogs expanding on and contextualising the cultural values sense-making process into our everyday worlds. Find out more about this journey, and how you can get involved here: York Cultural Values


As we said in the “Culture: What is it and why does it matter?” blog, leadership is the modifier - the magic element which can help transform, be it on a personal or an organisational level. Values are the thing which help us steer towards wise decision making about the activities we choose to do and the projects we choose to support.

The types of activities we choose to do affect the long term culture in an organisation or a place, including the City of York. Therefore understanding the culture in a place helps us understand what we are creating together by the activities we choose to do.

The more deliberate we are in the activities we choose to do, the more control we have over the patterns of activity taking place. Every moment, through each of our choices, how we choose to behave and act, is influencing the cultural evolution in the places where we are. When we act together, the effect of our actions, collectively, on culture, is magnified - and so, this is how we are creating the future, and this is why spending time talking about values is time well spent.


If you would like to have a conversation about this article or the cultural values sense-making process so far, please contact Catherine Scott: / 07522 22983

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