The working group for partnership hubs is no longer meeting.

There is a raft of work still going on in the city in relation to understanding what individuals needs are, specifically around physical spaces.


This includes:

  • 'Connecting Our City' (Mental Health Hub development). Please contact Kate Helme if y you'd like to learn more: 

For further information relating to the York MCN co-location space please contact Vasu Kaye:

For more information or to get involved:
Yvonne Morrissey


March 2021

We want to revisit what we mean by ‘hub’, and we think it might be something very different, instead of just co-location.

January 2021

The Hubs Partnership group has continued to dig deeper into lived experience information indicating the need for a ‘hub’ in the city.

December 2020

The partnership hubs working group has really gained momentum towards the end of this year,