March 2021

We want to revisit what we mean by ‘hub’, and we think it might be something very different, instead of just co-location.

However, because colocation is something we’ve already consulted on and there is interest in a co-location space, we are recommending that those who have agency can take this idea forwards.

We really got back to the nitty gritty and the purpose and the space called ‘hub’, and what it could provide that’s different. We don’t want it to become a place of multiple exclusions, for those dealing with multiple needs.

When discussing CoLab Exeter, the group felt that this model fitted more within the co-location part of the discussion.

This is going to be a new experiment that we proposing and hopefully interested parties will take that forward.
So now maybe we won’t call what we are creating a ‘Hub’. Maybe we’ll call it something else.

In the meeting last week we were at a crossroad but I think we’ve made a decision now. We know what we don’t want to be and we are letting others take it forwards.