The Survey

The Community Cultural Values Survey is an assessment and mapping tool which invites participants to choose specific values which relate most closely to their personal and system experience, and their aspirations for the future. 

The tool is part of a methodology created by Richard Barrett, Founder of the Barrett Values Centre and uses the Seven Levels Model.  This model, adapted from Maslow’s Hierarchy of (human) needs, profiles individual as well as community or system level values. 











It works on the basis that communities are comprised of individuals, with individual and collective motivations, which (when identified, collated and ranked in importance) can hold a mirror to who people are. The survey tells us what people collectively value, and crucially, the degree to which they can find these values in their workplace, current community or system.  Finally it aims to collate a values profile of what that community aspires to be and do in the future.

This tool has been used internationally to help people and organisations get a sense of who is involved in their system, what they think about how things are and what they want to change. It also gives a  sense of the “health” of our system, and the areas that benefit from attention.


How it works...

The survey was filled out by those living in York and working within the  support services which exists across the city.

This is a broad definition encompasses: people and communities, voluntary and community sector groups, formal service systems and leaders or elected members.

It gave everyone the opportunity to share what's important to them about local service provision for people experiencing multiple and complex needs. 

Values chosen by participants were collated and ranked by preference, to give a 'values profile'. 

They were also mapped onto the seven levels model.  The resultant profile enabled system stakeholders to see themselves as well as understand what motivates other people involved.

The profile also reports levels of “entropy” or resistance in the system, so it is possible to identify clearly what is inhibiting change or progress at the same time.

Your input can help to highlight where the system should focus next to overcome challenges and maximise opportunities.

The strength of the survey will be increased by a high response rate.  Please feel free to circulate this survey onwards to any colleagues, volunteers or people with lived experience within York.  

If you are about to complete the survey, please make sure you have about 10 – 15 minutes to do this. Your answers and any personal information you supply will be treated confidentially. 

The survey results will be presented at a number of sense-making sessions running throughout October and November 2020. You will be invited to attend one of these sessions to contribute to and learn about what the survey reveals and how this can be used to support the local system.