What is 'The System' in York?

 "A system is an interconnected and interdependent series of entities, where decisions and actions in one entity are consequential to other neighbouring entities."

"A system is a configuration of interaction, interdependent parts that are connected through a web of relationships, forming a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts."

When we refer to the System in York, we are referring to everything that effects the current culture, including: 

people, services, resources, relationships, values, traditions and perceptions.

Systems Change

Systems Change is the process of addressing the root causes of social problems, which are often intractable and embedded in networks of cause and effect.


It is an intentional process designed to fundamentally alter the components and structures that cause a system to behave in a certain way. 

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking is the approach we use to create Systems Change.


We use it to understand how perceived separate parts of the system influence one another within a whole.


Systems Changers Programme

York MCN

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