During the Systems Changers Programme, participants  explored power and labels, living systems, systems thinking skills and deep democracy.

Systems Changers 2020

In addition, they carried out reflective journaling, were given coaching sessions and learned how small scale prototyping can get experiments off the ground quickly.

They’ve also had a specific focus on how delegates can ‘find their voice’ and tell their stories far and wide. This might be via podcasts, blogs, vlogs, audio, poems, diagrams or the written word.

“Systems thinking has been a revelation.

The programme has taught me, using various tools and new ways of thinking, how to look at systems in an entirely different way.


To step back and zoom in, understand mechanisms and to identify potential areas of leverage, a pathway to change.


It’s more than just learning but about practical application, connection and instilling a genuine sense of hope for future change.

Brilliant people, brilliant stuff!

Delivering the programme online has not taken away any of the face to face value.

In fact, those running the course think it has enhanced the programme, giving it an informal and friendly atmosphere where everyone is appreciated for the insights they bring to the group.


The second half of the programme will see delegates trying out their experiments and inviting some of the wider system into the group to share perspectives and learning.

“Inspiring… Challenging… we’re halfway through and I feel like I have a voice. Despite Zoom, I’ve found everyone generous and honest with their thoughts and opinions. I’m hoping that 2021 will be the year to find “the flex” and change systems in York for the better, and to reduce the stigma of those of us with MCN. ”

Participants use the process of creating

‘Rich Pictures’ 

in order to understand the system in more detail.

“System Changers is supporting me to make the change from a passionate practitioner frustrated with the system but not knowing where to start making changes to a curious practitioner learning the skills to start creating the conditions to make change”