York Multiple Complex Needs (York MCN) aims to create a fairer society for absolutely everyone.

What we do

To further our goals, a Network of people regularly comes together.

Everyone is invited to join our meetings, and the Network currently includes people with lived experience, frontline workers and strategic leads.

The Network provides a space to share experiences, forge stronger links and build trusting relationships that lead to more collaborative actions.

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The Network:




We collate data, information and stories to drive learning and adaptation. We aim to share all of this in a way which resonates with people in York.

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We build and develop skills and capacities. We run training and workshops on a range of topics, providing those around us with the tools they need to harness change.


Holds space

We provide a safe space to talk. We regularly drive collaborative conversation through our Network Meetings. This creates a focus point for new and ongoing work. 



We speak to and engage with the wider community.

We're interested in everyone's opinion and invite all to get involved.



We are experimenting with different ways of working. We use Systems Thinking to understand the nature of the complexity of the system in York, bringing a new perspective to collaborative working.




We multiply and strengthen connections.We initiate and facilitate relationships between different individuals, organisations, initiatives, projects, and strategic boards.