Why learn?


Why is learning is important for how we approach complex needs?

Multiple Complex Needs is as entangled, messy and complex as a social problem can get.


There's little formal evidence to inform how we should move forwards and no clear precedent for those who are doing this type of work.

Uncertainty and ambiguity are defining features of Systems Change, and mistakes or failures become guaranteed.

When beginning to imagine how our current system could change, our powers of prediction are limited. We can only feel our way through what is happening from one moment to the next.


Learning is the engine for system change. 

The Network has developed intelligence about the scale of severe and multiple disadvantage in York. It's also begun to understand how our services and supports are organised to tackle it.

With our learning partners at Newcastle Business School, the core facilitation team have developed a learning plan which recognises the need to capture information from a multitude of stakeholders. This means we can tell our collective story of change with absolute authenticity.

The intention is that everyone (people with lived experience, and committed people from all areas of public service) play an active part in this learning process.