Partnerships Hub

The partnership hubs working group has really gained momentum towards the end of this year and has begun to explore some initial ideas to experiment with to feed into the wider learning for the purpose of a hub. The ideas include a shared training opportunity for partners, deeper dives into feedback and use of digital technology to tell a person’s story. If you are interested in joining the group please contact Kelly Cunningham for joining details for the next open meeting in January.

Creative Action (‘Doing With’ and ‘Creative Arts’)

Over the course of the York MCN Network, co-production and engagement have been increasingly discussed, both at Network meetings, in working groups and across other strategic and operational activity. These themes underpinned the discussions and direction of both the ‘Doing with’ and ‘Creative Arts’ York MCN working groups.

In August 2020 we had an open meeting to bring together conversations about co-production and engagement that were happening across these two working groups, and think about whether the groups came together to avoid duplication. The decision was made to bring together the two groups, and have one working group focused on co-production, engagement and collaboration that brings creativity into how we go about doing this in York.

The new group is called ‘Creative Action’, and early in 2021 there will be an open meeting for all who are interested to come along and think about what the Creative Action group could be, and how they might want to be involved. So keep an eye out for a meeting invite come your way soon!

Lived Experience Network

What have we learned in 2020 in the lived experience group?

We've really enjoyed connecting with the network groups and building on establishing new and existing working relations. We've had some great success with using our voices 'equally' to help shape changes across the board.

We're delighted to have worked on independent projects alongside network projects across 2020 and are excited about our new project with partners Restore in 2021.

We're inspired with what we've started to see happening in York for its residents and are confident we will be able to build a better 2021 for all.

Co-commissioning Group

Our working group first met in Feb 2020 and its remit was to look at those services for people experiencing multiple and complex needs which are commissioned using public money. We wanted to bring together commissioners, providers, and people with lived experience of the current system – both service users and workers. There has always been an open invite to the group. Membership of the group has grown steadily since that first meeting and it feels like we have made some real progress over the past few months. In all we have met 7 times between Feb-Nov and attendance has been pretty strong both in terms of numbers and consistency which has helped us build a bit of momentum.  We have a really good mix of commissioners, providers, and other interested parties on the group.

Read more about co-commissioning, below.



Cultural Values

The working group supporting the Cultural Values survey have met regularly throughout the year, supporting the design and delivery of the York MCN Cultural Values Survey with our Barrett Values Consultant, Amanda Kilroy. The survey ran through August 2020, and since then, the group has been planning and preparing for a sense-making process designed to create space for participants, stakeholders and local citizens to explore the results and think about where we want to focus our attention and develop activity to overcome challenges and maximise opportunities in our system in York.

The group have recruited some external facilitation support to help hold this process, which will be early in 2021.

You can find out more about the Survey here:

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