Working Groups: Latest update Jan 2021

Hubs Working Group

The Hubs Partnership group has continued to dig deeper into lived experience information indicating the need for a ‘hub’ in the city.  

     The group continues to explore what this may look like especially in light of Covid-19.

A survey is pending to discover the requirements and level of interest for multi-agency working and use of the Priory Street space.

Click here to take the survey

Some experiments are due to be finalised at the next group meeting into storytelling and Near Field Communication pilot.

The group is seeking multiple perspectives on this topic so please get in touch if you wish to join the group next meeting.

Next Meeting date: 10th February, 1pm to 2.30pm.

Co-Commissioning for Systems Change

This sub-group has met 9 times since Feb 2020.

Membership has grown steadily and they have a really good mix of commissioners, providers, and other interested parties.

They recently commissioned a Healthwatch survey of the MEAM client group (with support of MEAM team) which gleaned 17 responses and reported in Sep 2020.

The MEAM survey provided some clear messages and themes from people with lived experience that chimed with 4 other recent pieces of engagement research.

 Key messages have been grouped under 3 headings

  • Accessibility – access to housing; mental health services and support.

  • Type of support needed and valued – the importance of 1:1 support and a positive relationship with support and keyworkers, the value of peer support; the need for one shared plan with good communication between all services.

  • Staff attitude and organisational cultures –feeling judged, labelled, and stigmatised (self-confidence and self-worth),  building on people’s strengths and aspirations.

They've also recently co-ordinated an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EoI) for the City of York to participate in the national ‘Changing Futures’ programme.  This is a cross-government system changes and learning programme aimed at ‘changing systems to support adults experiencing multiple disadvantage’.

The EoI prioritised 6 of the issues flagged by people with lived experience in the research above. There are half a dozen proposals from group members for experimenting with pilots that we would like to learn from and inform future commissioning.


Next meeting date: 17th February, 10am to 11.30am

Creative Action

Last year, the decision was made to bring Doing With and Creative Arts working groups came together following overlap of conversations around co-production and engagement. New group is called Creative Action.


There is an open meeting on 2nd February, 10am to 12noon, to explore what the Creative Action group could be, its focus, and next steps. Get in touch if you would like to come along. 

Cultural Values

The Cultural Values Survey ran through August 2020, and results were shared at two events in November 2020. You can find out more about the Survey here.

The Working Group has been planning and preparing for a sense-making process, recruiting some external facilitation support to help with this. The facilitator supporting this work are Phil Marken, Jon Dorsett, Sue Hoey and supported by Linda Mitchell.


They all have an art of hosing background, and experience of facilitating, holding participatory processes, graphic facilitation and coaching. Their approach is centered around embedding skills and building capacity of people locally, supporting us to be able to do this sort of work ourselves. 


You may be contacted by Phil and the facilitation team to hear a little more of your experience of the cultural values process thus far, and the working group will be co-designing and holding the sense-making process with Phil, Jon, Sue and Linda over the coming weeks and months

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