Network Meetings

Currently, York MCN Network Meetings take place every 9 weeks.


The concept of how we meet (how often and what we discuss), is open. If you have feedback on the regularity of our meetings, please just get in touch.

Network Meetings:

The purpose of Network meetings has been to share activity across Network working groups and the wider system, make decisions about how we move forwards as a Network, as well as bringing learning and experience from outside of York. (Reflecting, sharing, planning and learning). 

We have also been holding loosely structured ‘drop-in’ meetings for people to come together and talk about whatever is coming up for them – whether it be changes experienced due to Covid-19, or themes and ideas that there hasn’t been space to explore in Network meetings. 

Current meeting pattern:


 Notes from our previous meetings:

Network Meeting

January 2021

Network Meeting

October 2019

Network Meeting

December 2019

Network Meeting

June 2019

Network Meeting

July 2020

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