You can have a positive impact on your York community

Now we’ve got the information, it is time to distil, digest and explore these results to uncover clear learning outcomes which can be used to inform future conversations and decision making. 

As we define the values, it is vital that the voices and opinions of people living and working in York are heard and respected.


This is where you come in! We’d like to invite you to join us for a series of fun, engaging, accessible and interesting ‘sense-making’ workshops to help us explore and define the York Cultural Values. 


Within the first set of workshops we’ll introduce you to the Cultural Values Survey, taking you on a journey to how we got here and explain how you can help improve the systems that support those experiencing with multiple and complex needs. 

You’ll have the opportunity to be part of a values driven approach to system-wide change and meet like-minded people with shared experiences to learn and develop new relationships. You can help define the narrative around the York Cultural Values to ensure they are clearly understood and create positive action in York. 


Each set of workshops will be repeated several times across one week to help maximise the number of people able to attend and participate however you are more than welcome to attend more than one session per set.


The number of workshops you attend is up to you. You can join just one session or you could choose to attend each stage of these sense-making sessions and progress through the journey with us.  

You can also download the invitation to forward to friends and coworkers here.

Workshop dates

Monday 12th April - 10.30am to 12.30pm

Tuesday 13th April - 4pm to 6pm

Thursday 15th April - 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Saturday 17th April - 1.30pm to 3pm

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all the workshops will be held via Zoom.

All our workshops are accessibility friendly

How do I sign up?

Registration for the session is organised via eventbrite and you can find the link here.


All our workshops are accessibility friendly.


Each session will be held by a trained facilitator with years of experience creating accessible learning environments. Their aim is to ensure you find the session accessible, in a format which you can fully participate in. If you feel a pre-meeting call via Zoom would be helpful to discuss any points directly with a facilitator, or if you require any support to ensure your participation is possible, please email

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about this process, about the survey or about the work of the MCN network, please contact Catherine Scott on or 07522 229833. Catherine will gladly offer any additional information, clarity or arrange a phone chat to talk about it a bit more if you’d prefer.

By uncovering the often-invisible context and conditions we can influence how things are shaped, delivered and experienced in the future.

What is the York Cultural Values Survey?

The Cultural Values Survey is an initiative hosted by the York Multiple Complex Needs (MCN) Network with the aim to better understand the culture and health of the system(s) that respond to severe and multiple disadvantage and multiple and complex needs in York.


What do we mean by 'system(s)'?

In this context, by ‘system’, we are referring to everyone living and working within York and the web of support and services which exists across the city. This is a broad definition encompassing people and communities, voluntary and community sector groups, formal service systems and leaders/elected members, and the way these all interact together.

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What do we mean by multiple and complex needs?

Those facing multiple and complex needs experience a range of issues at the same time, which can make life difficult. A few examples are, but not limited to; mental health issues, financial difficulties, housing issues, substance misuse, past/current criminal offenses.

What is York MCN?

The York MCN Network is a local collaborative made up of practitioners, managers, strategic leaders and people with lived experience, with a unifying goal to achieve better outcomes for local people living with multiple and complex needs. 

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sense-making workshops here


When did the survey take place?

The survey ran during the month of August 2020.

The results of the survey were presented at two 'results workshops' in November 2020. You can catch up on those recordings and read the detailed report of the results produced for us by Barrett Values Centre here.

Why did the survey happen, and what did it ask?

The aim of the survey was to better understand the culture of the system(s) that respond to serve and multiple disadvantage and multiple complex needs in York.

The survey gathered information on people's personal values and motivations, their views on the current cultural climate and how that has been changed as a restful of Covid-19, as well as the desired culture people would like to live and work in.

The first-hand experience alongside the community knowledge and input, is crucial to our ability to collaborate and better support those experiencing multiple and complex needs or issues associated with severe and multiple disadvantage.

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