Children and Young People

Our collaborative will focus specifically on the question:

“How do we change the systems that perpetuate multiple disadvantage for children and young people in York?”

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We’ll work towards creating a positive, meaningful and open environment that seeks to understand the experiences, feelings and needs of children and young people in York from multiple perspectives. 


The inquiry will ask what’s important to children and young people and how we might go about changing the current way things work. There’ll be regular sessions where we’ll explore, debate and discuss in order to get to what we can do, alongside training for those involved.

Where we work...

Together we work with children and young people right across the city of York.

Some of us also cover North Yorkshire.

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Although those involved come from a range of organisations, we know that we don't represent all youth provision in the city. Youth services have been severely cut in the past decade or so, leaving big gaps in areas of need.

The different areas of York...

Some parts of York experience increased rates of deprivation,and we've noted that higher rates of referrals come from the following areas: Hull Road, Acomb, Westfields, Guildhall and Clifton.

The physical location of most of our services are clustered in the center of York, and for now, we view this as a good thing.

Our central location enables continued engagement, as young people tend not to travel around the outskirts of the city (across the different wards) - but will travel from their home in to the centre of the city.

We also know that there are hidden pockets of deprivation and poverty in York that can often be missed.


York's focus on tourism often creates a stark divide between the various areas of the city.

Areas that centre around tourism and cater to tourists are often much wealthier than other places nearby that house residents. 

When this type of extreme wealth stands so closely alongside poverty, it can often draw attention away from those young people living in the city who are in need.

For more information or to get involved:
Ali Spaul


May 2021


March 2021

The group has met a few times and we’ve been working on getting to know each other.

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Use our Icons!

You can now download and use our specially made icons for Children and Young People, free of charge, including ones related to:


change, intersectionality, lived experiences and building relationships.

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Mutual ownership and leadership of the inquiry will be paramount as people from all walks of life come together to progress it.  The collaboration will take place ‘in the open’ and as such learning and ideas will be shared widely via creative and accessible tools such as podcasts, sketch notes and film.


Those involved will be encouraged to come as themselves and the process of working through our inquiry question will be ‘human’, recognising individuality and personality as well as professional and academic experience, modelling a person centred approach throughout.


What’s involved?

During our Children and Young People Inquiry, work streams and priorities will emerge and representatives will share drive, ownership and accountability. 

There will be:

  • Regular convening sessions, including training

  • Use of prototyping ideas/approaches

  • Facilitation, capture and sharing of the process through creative methods, such as talking circles, restorative practice, blogs, podcasts, illustration, doodling, design, audio etc.

  • Self-directed work

We will initially show up to get to know ourselves and each other, thus what each individual bring to potential collaborative impact.  Practical steps are considered but are not set in stone. There will be a positive, meaningful and open process that understands the experiences, feelings and needs of children and young people now, and will focus on future system level change.



Representatives will  be inquiring, open to new ideas, solution focused and self-motivated.  They will be committed to shared learning, to collaboration and to nurturing an equitable and inclusive environment; supporting each other and wider system.  Representatives are person centered and have strong empathy skills. 

They will:

  1. live and/or work in York,

  2. have skills and knowledge relating to children and young people,

  3. commit (flexibly) to approximately three days per month