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Systems Changers Programme

The York Systems Changers Programme is an initiative which brings together people from across York to transform the way we connect and work together.

It’s funded by Lankelly Chase.

In 2022 we are going to be offering taster sessions on topics of interest such as systems thinking and looking at building capacity through ongoing availability of Deep Democracy training and exploring other facilitation techniques that can support people working in the city.

'Systems Changers' are people with a keen interest in wanting to explore radical ways of improving outcomes for people experiencing multiple complex needs.

The course is open to everyone, including: people working at all levels of support services, voluntary and community sector, faith groups, public and private sector and people with direct personal experience of multiple and complex needs.

The programme

We've designed the programme to give the participants: 

  •  A space to reflect on their experience and insights

  • An opportunity to work with a group of systems changers to effect positive change

  • Ways to develop new skills and methods to have more impact

  • Opportunities to influence the wider system through running continuous prototypes and experiments

  • Access to a range of practical tools and methodologies which will provide insight and skills to influence the system around them

  • Opportunities to start to shift the system in York so that it works better for people facing multiple and complex needs

  • One to one coaching to support personal development

  • Ways of including their organisation and colleagues in the programme

If needed, we will also work with your managers to gain their support for your attending the course.

We aim that there will also be broader benefits to organisations you work for or are involved with, as well as the wider system in York from participants involvement in Systems Changers.

Quotes from previous York Systems Changers participants:

“I have learnt about my power. My influence. When I am at my edge and how this can make me feel.”

“I've learned a lot about myself and how assertive/confident I can be when motivated by a sense of a injustice and misuse of power.”

“I have developed more confidence to speak in group settings and raise difficult conversations.”

“I am more inclined to try and encourage more open and honest conversations across the system and improve communication and collaboration.”

What's the commitment?


The programme runs over 76 hours (nineteen half-day afternoon sessions).

Some of the work will be completed in a persons work place and/or the area of the system they are involved in.

More information:

It might feel hard to know how your insights and experience could influence wider change, but we hope the Systems Changers programme would help you to do that. It will also providing an opportunity to work alongside a group of passionate people to test out new approaches to real problems facing people with multiple and complex needs in York

York Systems Changers is underpinned by the work of York’s Multiple and Complex Needs (MCN) network which brings together a wide and diverse group of people aiming to create a healthier system for those experiencing multiple disadvantage across the city.

The programme for 2021 has now been filled, but please do contact us for information on how to get involved in 2022.